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Est. 2019

Property Wholesales and Investments

Brightwork Properties

Many Jacksonville homeowners are discouraged from selling their property for several reasons – closing costs are too high, they can’t afford realtor fees, or maybe their house requires significant repairs before trying to sell. The good news is that Brightwork Properties works with properties investors to get your house sold fast, no matter the condition.

Photography & Videography

Brightwork Studios

Our mission is to be able to provide a means for anyone and everyone to capture the brightest moments in their lives in the highest quality available, so that those precious memories can be preserved. Social Media Influencers, Businesses, Families and Friends, we are here to serve you.

Firearms & Accessories

Hancock Alexander Firearms

We serve firearm enthusiasts, and help everyone -- from those purchasing their first firearm to seasoned gun collectors. We are here to serve our communities and fellow citizens by supplying the necessary tools and training to lawfully protect themselves and everyone around them.

Notary Services

Southern Notaries

We provide reliable and convenient notary services for all your legal needs. Our notaries offer quick and hassle-free document signings, whether you visit our office or choose our mobile notary services. We cater to individuals and businesses, ensuring affordability without compromising quality.

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